If you have looked at my work and wanted me to build a model for you using the same skills I use on my own here is your chance.

I can work on gunpla of pretty much any kind with anything from kit bashing to a limited degree of scratch building. As for resin I am willing to take commissions of them but with an acknowledgement that I don’t have any first hand experience with resin.

If you don’t own the kit in advance I can purchase it and any specific extras, like aftermarket parts. Half of the full payment will be paid at the beginning of the project and the 2nd half at the end. All payments will be through Paypal and shipping will be USPS priority mail.

I will email updates to the commission as well as post them on the site so you can see every step.

The cost of the commission consists of the price of the kits (If I have to buy them) + paint + service + time.

Contact me and we can discuss what is possible..

If interested email me at