HG Lightning Gundam

At this point I was wrapping up the commissions and wasn’t interested in any big builds so I was only accepting OOB builds with only slight paint applications. The first was the Lightning Gundam and paint wise I only shaded the gray parts with a bit of clear smoke.


HG Lightning Zeta

I’m a big fan of the modeler Naoki and I was so happy to see Bandai employ him to do some designs for build fighters, so when I got a request to do the Lightning Zeta I jumped at the chance. The Lightning Zeta is basically a refined version of the heavily modded Zeta Gundam Naoki did many years back and after doing this commission it remains a kit I plan to do for myself in the future.



As mentioned previously the client of the Zeta 2.0 commission I did unfortunately never received the model, so he wanted to do a brand new model inspired by the same design.

If you would like to commission a build you can find my contact information in the commission link above. Continue reading