HG Val-Walo


I’m happy with the final outcome of the Val-Walo even though it was a test kit and I didn’t deal with the seamlines on it. I love the way the mini Gundams came out and while it had its problems the candy coat came out nice and metallic (It’s a bit hard to see in some of these photos but the red is much more metallic than it seems). This kit served it’s purpose of not only teaching me some important things about metallic candy coats but also being a relaxed build where I could take it easy before up coming bigger builds.


Testing some things out


One of the prizes for the Summer War contest was a 1/550 HG Val-Walo, a Zeon mobile armor from 0083 Stardust Memory. Seeing as how this wasn’t an actual mobile suit I was left bewildered on what to do with it, But after getting the Sinanju’s and noticing its red color I thought this would be a great chance to test out a few things. Continue reading