MG Altron


I have said it before but the experience I have with a kit at the end can really color my impression of it and now that I am finished with the Altron/Nataku” I really recommend this kit if you can get it for a reasonable price. It does share the prone to scratches and easy to break random tight parts that I am starting to realize is in every modern MG Wing kit but besides that it’s a fine build. FYI the stands that come with this kit are okay but if you really want to pose the Dragon Fangs you will want to use a Tamashii stand or a similar alternative as they fit the fangs perfectly.




Like most of the western Gunpla community I tend to dislike P-Bandai and only buy things from it I’m will to pay a premium for which usually doesn’t include entire kits, but this time I convinced myself to go and get the recently released MG Altron/Nataku Gundam. While it definitely wasn’t worth the amount I paid for it I finally was able to get a kit I have been waiting years for.

The RG GP01 on the other hand is the oldest kit in my backlog and considering it’s one of my favorite designs I felt it was more than due time to build it. Continue reading