HG Arios

Funny enough this is the first non competition model I have worked on for the year so I was pretty eager to build it but unfortunately the Arios really points out the weakness of the 00 1/144’s. When you first snap fit this kit it looks great, the transformation is good, the proportions are great, and since the mold is so good the seam lines are hard to notice. But once you start to prepare it for paint it you realize that because most of the 00 suits are so thin and streamlined that the 1/144’s can’t recreate the designs without pretty bad seam lines and for the Arios specifically bad color separation. When I mean bad seam lines I mean that they are seam lines that you can’t mod away and are instead are the ones that force you to use masking.

I think the real reason why I got so annoyed with this kit was after all the competition models I did through the year conscious of every part of the build since they would be judged I wanted something fun and simple but this wasn’t that. I in the end didn’t even apply the decals I got for it.

If you really are a fan of the Arios you might want to get this but just know you are going to have to do A LOT of masking, almost every single part of this model needs masking.