HG Astraea

The Astraea is something I have wanted to build for quite a long time, I really love the design and the look of this suit. The 1/144 model on the other hand is a bit of a mixed bag that has a bunch of flaws but a tremendous amount of pluses that make up for them.

The Astraea is supposed to be the predecessor to the Exia so naturally they use a lot of the 1/144 Exia in this build but that is the biggest problem with this kit. The 1/144 Exia was the first 00 HG kit and the same flaws it had are evident here as well, specifically the seam lines in the calves and head. I personally oped not to fill in these seam lines as they really are difficult to deal with. First the calves seam lines are very small and aren’t the modifiable kind unless you are determined to do extensive cutting and gluing, and for the small size of them it just didn’t seem worth it to go through that or the arduous task of masking the knees. Secondly is the head seam which might be the worst of its kind, The problem is that the face can’t slip in and out of it with the way it’s designed even with a modest amount of modding. The protruding vents in front of the face block it from being inserted in and even make masking it very difficult. Just like with the calves extensive modding is basically what is needed and since the seam line isn’t that noticeable I decided against it.

On the other hand the Astraea is jam-packed with extras. First of all it comes with 2 beam sabers with clear pink beams, a mountable beam rifle, a shield, a GN sword, and a large mountable beam cannon. But what is really surprising is that the Astraea comes with ALL of the pieces of the original Exia, from the shoulders, to the GN drive, to the GN condensers, to the different vents and V fin, and so on. But more importantly it comes with all of the Exia’s weapons from its shield, to its GN sword, to both of it’s GN blades, to its extra beam sabers, you really get everything.

The Astraea is a model where you really feel like you are getting 2 kits in one or at least 1.5 kits in one, but if you want to clean up this kit or want to enter it in a competition or something get ready for extensive modding.