MG Sengoku

I was a bit worried with this one as applying the amount of layers needed for a candy coat on to a frame meant that joints would be exceptionally tight. While there wasn’t any danger of breakage, paint scratch felt like a big possibility. Luckily the Sengoku design has large covers for some of the areas that paint scratch would most likely happen, and as long as it isn’t scratched by the time the client gets it I’m happy.



While initially shipping issues and a bout of sickness pushed me to combine the builds of the MG Sengoku Astray and the RG Strike Freedom, another reason was that both clients wanted the same thing for both kits candy coats. Continue reading


Quick update

A combination of shipping delays and getting sick (which I still am) I fell behind on where I planned on being with commissions. So I wanted to make a quick post to show the clients that while it’s taking longer than expected the kits are being worked on.


MG Red Astray


Finished the first of a new batch of commissions with a repainted Red Astray into a Gold Astray color scheme. A pretty simple but fun job that really put me back into a gunpla building mood.

Not many images or poses with this one as this is a commission and I don’t want there to be even the slightest chance of paint scratch.

Updated Sword decals:


Commissions everywhere


I opened up commissions back again over a month ago and maybe because of Iron Blooded Orphans success, advertising on Ebay, or just dumb luck I have been flooded with commission requests. So I boxed my Wing Proto and started to work on kits in order of arrival. Continue reading