Nu Astray

For the most part the paint job came out well, except for one thing. While top coating the left arm the paint started to run and the shade of the paint started to turn a pink color. This has happened to me with the 1/144 GP01 but that was acrylic with a acrylic top coat, this was primed and painted in lacquers with a acrylic top coat so I was pretty surprised. After this I repainted the white but unfortunately the consistency of the shade of white on the whole model suffered because of it.

This is why from now on if I have to paint something white on top of some bright or dark color I will be using a coat of Gunze’s Mr.Base White on top of the primer. As well as be very careful with the amount of top coat used.


Salvaging parts

I love the Nu Gundam and I wanted to paint one of my other favorite Gundam designs (the red astray) in it’s color scheme. But what I started to realize is that I could kitbash Nu Gundam parts to it so that it could feel even more like the Nu.

The MG Nu Gundam model itself is special to me as it is basically the last Christmas present I received before I basically got too old for getting presents. The one I had was pretty old and was ravaged by my crappy modeling skills of yesteryear. The body itself couldn’t really be made to look new anymore and some of the extra pieces needed work to look up to standard. The things in the best condition was the funnels so I used them. Unfortunately though I didn’t realize that because the Nu Gundam is so huge the funnels were out of proportion so instead of modding them extensively I decided to cut down on the number of them used.

With the other weapons I ran into much more problems. I wasn’t interested in the bazooka so I left that. I was planning to use the custom beam saber and forgo the rifle as it was heavily damaged, but while trying to mod the handle so it could have a hand peg things went wrong. I even tried rebuilding the handle using extra pieces from the astray but I was unsatisfied with the result. So I decided I would mod a gun that would still resembled the old one but that looked new.



First Metallic

This HG Red Astray was my first try at airbrushing some enamel (most of it is acrylic though). Getting a little better with each model. One thing to note though these 3 models are all weathered here and there but none of them were originally going to be. It was a way for me to salvage the mistakes I made.