HGBF Build Burning


Because of the relative simple design of the Build Burning I wanted to try some paints I didn’t really have the opportunity to use previously, namely pearlescents. I tried using a pearl in the past but the effect was so light that it went unnoticed but this time I used Mr Color’s white pearl and I think that the effect is even evident in photos. I also used some GX metallics with some clear color coats over them like with the RG Exia. The flames didn’t turn out exactly how I hoped but hopefully that will be rectified if I ever get the Try Burning.


Modifications big and small


Similarly to the last few builds I decided to work on two 1/144 kits at the same time, this time being the Build Burning and the GM Cardigan high grades. As with all HG’s seamlines are always expected but with these two kits that came out at almost the same time there are vast differences in the clean up required. Continue reading