MG Buster


I gotta say I really love the way the Buster Gundam turned out. Even with all the disappointments this build gave me at the beginning, once I started putting together the painted pieces I knew I would be happy with the result. Not sure if it’s all the new paint I bought just prior to painting this ensuring I got to use the exact colors I wanted or the panel lining experience I had but this is probably my best paint job of 2013.


GAT-X100 Frame


After the twists and turns of the Clanche build I inadvertently took a break during my next build the Master Grade GAT-X105 Buster Gundam. I started it while I was waiting for the Clanche’s water to dry but a few things including a heat wave stalled the build until now. But with the build back on track I ended up noticing a few pluses and minuses with the way they designed it. Continue reading