I think I have mentioned this before but with almost every new build I try to do something new and with this one it’s camouflage. For the group build I am part of the ground team and since this is pretty much an air based mobile suit design with the flight mode and all, I felt a camo color scheme would reinforce the “ground” theme. Continue reading


Chaos Group Build


Instead of a modeling contest this year the Mecha Lounge instead has a large group build called the Chaos Group Build. There are two factions the air team and the ground team and I signed up for the ground team awhile back. Originally I planned to use the MG Zeong I was supposed to receive from the Summer War 2012 contest but since that never came I instead purchased a Clanche Custom, a HG I have been wanting for a few months. Unfortunately though initially the Clanche was a huge disappointment. Continue reading