Pirate Free

The removal of the pirate stuff meant the removal of the weapons but that was good thing for another reason. The reason being that the arms on this model suck so much that it couldn’t hold them right. What a surprise when I first built this model to discover that not only does it have for some reason the old school no grade design elbows (where there is a pivot point in the middle) but that it and the wrists are very loose. When holding any weapon heavier than a beam saber the hand would slink down and if I was really lucky fall out at the elbow joint. All of this plus small nitpicks like the upper arm armor scratching paint cause it’s too tight, the core fighter being so damn tight that it gets stuck (I can’t imaging how much paint would be ripped off if I ever took it out again), or that the hand pegs couldn’t even hold the beam sabers right really makes this a model I would never recommend.

Even with all that I am satisfied with the final result.



MAC competition second entry

Never have been a fan of pirates unless its the pirates from One Piece.

The second entry to the MAC contest was in the modified category, and it was a Crossbone Gundam. I always hated the crossbone’s pirate motif and it’s crazy how this is a universal century suit considering it looks like it came straight out of G Gundam. What I did like about this model though is the shape of it and the proportions (good work Katoki) as well as the cross backpack.

So my goal with this was to remove all the pirate stuff and lessen the chest and forehead bulge. During the build I bought a modeling chisel so I could add indents through out the model. After all the mods I got anxious and went back and added a bunch of panel lines and inner detail.