RG Destiny


For the most part I stuck to the out of box colors but had to change the sword and cannon from the dark green and lilac as I just never bought their strange color choices. Surprisingly unlike the Strike Freedom the modifications I made to this kit didn’t alter its stability at all so I was able to fully realize all the poses I wanted to do.

The wings of light really make this kit shine and I can’t imagine buying it without them.


The curious case of Alclad primer


For the last few months I have been using Alclad black, gray, and white primers and for the most part they have been wonderful. They are pre-thinned, spray on smoothly, and have such a glossy finish that I have been using the black primer instead of normal black paint. The white primer is fine albeit completely inferior to Mr Base White and the gray is seemingly just like Mr Surfacer. The thing is with the HGAW Wing, the SD Hi Nu, and as your about to find out with the HG X Maoh things that remind me of the hell I went through with Plamo Color keep happening. Continue reading


Two at once


I am the kind of person who finds it difficult to move on unless I finish the previous project first. I see a lot of other builders building their kits in advance then coming back to them to paint them. Being somewhat curious of this method I wanted to give working on two kits at the same time a try. So I worked off and on, on the RG Destiny and the HG X Maoh. Continue reading


May Haul

The sheer amount of Gunpla related purchases over the last few weeks made me realize I should do another haul post. First I picked up the RG Exia at Image Anime when I went for a trip through Manhattan on Mother’s Day. I have bought things from them before but never actually been there in person, so it was a pretty nice experience. Another great place I visited was Kinokuniya in order to pick up some Gunpla books, and while I did see some great finds I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, for those I had to go to HLJ.

I have been wanting to make a big and bulky Hi Nu in the vain of the original artwork for a while now and was looking into the 2009 Char’s Counter Attack issue of Gundam Weapons. I also was interested in the brand new Gundam Scratch Building Manual 2 as the first manual was packed full of great tutorials. Both of those have no scans online and for the CCA book no info on it to the level where I didn’t know what builds it even showcased. Eventually I bit the bullet and the second the manual was in stock bought both. Funny enough this was a day before the Shizuoka Hobby Show where a MG Hi Nu ver. Ka was announced that looks exactly like I wanted so my motivation to scratch build one is gone.

The next two kits the Hi Nu SD Gundam and the RG Destiny were both “used” Amazon buys and for the most part everything was okay with them except for just one little problem. See one of the effect parts of the Hi Nu broke, but since it’s an easy fix on a pretty cheap kit I am not really that bothered by it.


Finally I was getting tired of all the off the runner breaks I have been getting these days and came to the realization that my nippers were dulling. So while I will still be using that nipper for runner removal I took the opportunity and bought a more expensive cutter for nub removal. While I couldn’t find the legendary Godhand nipper, going from a standard Xuron nipper to the sharp pointed Tamiya side cutters was like night and day. If you don’t have a super shard higher end nipper like this one or one from Mineshima I HIGHLY recommended picking one up. It cuts through nubs so smoothly you can’t even feel resistance when contracting the handle. It’s one of those tools where once you use one you wonder how you ever modeled without one.




BANDAI in the last year or so has started to adopt an online limited release system called P-Bandai Exclusive, and like many other fans I am becoming a bit frustrated with it. It’s a combination of the fact that it isn’t open to western customers making us have to purchase it at marked up prices as well as the kits they choose to release as exclusives are becoming more elaborate. Continue reading