HG G-Bouncer


The G-Bounce is a really solid kit with great articulation and proportions, even the extremely simple color scheme suits its sleek and clean frame. Painting and modifying it for seams was pretty simple and the only knock I can really give it is how tight everything is which lead to a lot of scratched up paint.

Even though I love the design of the G-Bouncer since it has very little color and gimmicks I felt I had to do something different for the photos. Since it’s a white suit I went with a black background, added a glass base to it, and raised the aperture by quite a bit. I am not so sure if I will go with this method again but wanted to give it a try.


First AGE kit


Whether you disliked AGE or not I really think a lot of the designs were pretty good. Kanetake Ebikawa designed not only the AGE suits but the 00 suits as well and just like with the 00 suits the mechs are sleek and have pretty dynamic proportions. One of my favorite designs from AGE is the G-Bouncer and the most advanced model of it is the 1/144 HG so I picked it up during Black Friday and it has finally come up in the queue. Continue reading