Be careful with your mods

Still no decals (I am getting tired of this) so started working on the second Geara Doga now that I was done with the explosion. This green Geara Doga was to be situated in the far corner of the diorama but with the rearrangement of the Nu’s position I had to push the Geara Doga a bit farther to the corner. Further more I reevaluated the pose the model had, and changed it to a more dynamic one. Continue reading


Still waiting

Well the thing that I was worried about happened, I managed to finish the Geara Doga before the decals came. Just like with the Jagd Doga I am at a standstill without the decals. It’s weird having two models completely airbrushed and on pegs yet not be able to finish them. I am hoping that the decals come early next week cause I am not going to start the second Geara Doga until these are finished. What I will do in the mean time is test some new theories on what odokevyo used for his explosions. Continue reading


Explosion follow up

Painted the explosions with clear yellow, clear red, dark orange, dark brown, and black. Following the designs of odokevyo and various pictures of real life explosions I tried to shade them in an appropriate way. For the most part I am pretty happy with the look of the paint job. Unfortunately after seeing how it illuminates I am starting to doubt this being the method odokevyo actually uses. It lights up fairly fine but you can see the inner veins of the polyester which is very different from odokevyo’s explosions you can see here. Continue reading


Last bit of uncertainty

This memorial weekend I basically stepped away from gunpla partly because I wanted a break and partly because I had to let some stuff dry and man they took a long time to dry.

For a long time I have wanted to do a battle diorama and when I got the chance to do one I wanted to add explosions to it. Explosions in gunpla dioramas are rare and combining explosions and LEDs are so rare I have only seen one modeler ever do it. Frankly the illuminated explosions of the Korean modeler (I think his name is odokevyo) I am referencing are so amazing that they are the reason why I decided I wanted to add LEDs to this diorama at all. From looking at explosion tutorials and from the pictures he has posted I came up with an idea on what materials to use and how to use them. Continue reading


MAC competition third entry

I can now finally show what I am working on for my main attempt at the MAC contest. I didn’t want to enter them into the competition until I snap fitted and cleaned the nubs so it took a while before I could even mention them. The entry this time is in the diorama category and will consist of 4 HGUC models, the Nu Gundam, the Jagd Doga, the Geara Doga, and the commander type Gear Doga.

The battle scene will be of the Nu taking all 3 enemy suits down in succession on the surface of axis. For a long time I was considering if I wanted to take the plunge and make this either a hidden support type diorama (some of the models are in the air but have no visible support elevating them), a LED type where everything from the thrusters to explosions are illuminated, or the normal type. Eventually after finding a good deal on LED’s decided to just go for the LED type.

Here are some pics of the basic concept.