For the clients


For the next few commissions I wanted to complete them in a similar time frame since they belong to multiple clients. When you do that it makes each build take longer so a bit of anxiousness might have accumulated because I wasn’t posting them up here. So now that I have something to show for all 3 of them it’s time to post an update. Continue reading


HGBF GM Cardigan


This kit came out so much better than I was expecting and while there were some slight frustrations at the end (a hairline seam crack, the pain of standing a super back heavy kit, a display stand connection that would constantly become loose), none of them really took away from the final experience.


Modifications big and small


Similarly to the last few builds I decided to work on two 1/144 kits at the same time, this time being the Build Burning and the GM Cardigan high grades. As with all HG’s seamlines are always expected but with these two kits that came out at almost the same time there are vast differences in the clean up required. Continue reading