The God of No Grades

The paint job came out okay, a bit thick in some places but I was really stretching out my resources. I didn’t mention it before but I was really running low on all supplies from putty to paint to glue. The base turned out much better than the one I did for the NG Strike. Finally even though the joints are looser than I would have liked it managed to pull off most of the poses the MG is capable of.


God of frustration

I ran out of new models to work on so I took a look at my old stuff and one model stood out, it was the 1/60 No Grade God Gundam. The model wasn’t damaged at all luckily and the paint on it was easy to remove but what made me want to work on it more than anything was just how rare this model is. I got it went it first came out and from what I have seen it’s pretty hard to find.

Like a lot of older models the proportions suck and the articulation is horrible. Considering I will probably never find another one of these I thought I should make it look as good as possible so I had to modify it extensively.

I rebuilt the foot joints, the knee joints, the thigh joints, the arm joints, the shoulder joint, I also had to scratch build the entire forearms and elbows. Being that is is a NG 1/60 model the plastic is heavy and thick making joint modification very difficult (can’t just go to town with pla plates and polycaps). So it not only took awhile to build but it also took awhile to even figure out how to build it.