HGBF Fenice Rinascita


The colors besides the shield are supposed to mimic the Fenice Rinascita Alba’s and as my other HG wing resembled the ver Ka scheme I wanted something that looked more like the TV ver scheme.

Out of the 3 HG’s this one was smooth sailing the whole time and the only problem I had was the frustrating way they designed the left hand to wrap around the shield handle.


Sharpening the Rinascita


I have always liked the design of the Gundam Wing Fenice Rinascita and didn’t want to do anything drastic to alter it but considering the amount of modding I was doing as of late I felt compelled to do more. The problem was that more so than the Crossbone I had little idea on how I should differentiate it from the basic OOB version. Continue reading


Back with some HG’s


Jumping back into Gunpla I considered finishing the Sazabi but instead wanted to get a fresh build done, a simple and quick one. Interestingly enough though that spiraled into something that’s taking a bit longer. Continue reading