HGUC Unicorn Destroy Mode


I finally managed to finish the Unicorn Destroy mode that I mentioned starting during the hurricane blackout. Now that I have finished it I will say that while this is a pretty amazing model it wasn’t that fun for me to build.

The special feature about this model which many would say is the clear psycho frame parts to me is that it is one of the very few (the only other I know is the Nu Gundam) HG 1/144’s to have no seam lines. The beam magnum does have one but the body and the shield have none, on top of that the color separation is pretty amazing with many small gray parts all through out the model making the need for masking minimal. The color separation and the seams were so good that I decided to not paint any of the white in this and just top coat it (except small places that needed it). The only downside in the package is that with a model that has 4 beam saber handles it comes with no beam blades.

With all of this you would expect this to be a fun build for me but unfortunately it wasn’t. The problem was in the complexity. Now I have built Master grades and Perfect grades so complexity usually doesn’t bother me but for this one you have a model with no inner frame but with dozens of parts that just make one appendage. It ended up feeling cluttered and taxing to even finish, which made me realize that even though I love the look of the Unicorn and love seeing it in the anime I just don’t like building it.

So to sum it all up this really is one of the best High grades out there but for me its complicated nature and lack of extras is what turned me off from it and caused the delay in me finishing it.



I am really happy with how this all turned out and I think I really managed to live up to my original concept. With all the modifications it feels original and different but keeps enough of the GP03’s aspects to make it instantly recognizable.

This surprisingly became one of my most proud builds.


GP03 updates

With all the major mods done what I focused on was small mods all through out the model. Things like vents for the chest, panel lining, metal screws and rivets, Kotobukiya and wave parts, and various pla applications. I also made sure to soak and clean each piece in order to avoid the problems that happened with the 00 Raiser. Continue reading


Testing some shots

I managed to finish all of the major mods to the GP03 today after non stop filling and sanding, and wanted to post up some shots using the new camera. Even without any special lighting and on basically the semi auto settings the images come out much better than the ones before. Continue reading


Back to Gunpla

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, for whatever reason I just kept putting off posting. During this time though a few things happened from a lot of work on my 2nd summer war contest entry to getting a new camera. I haven’t mentioned it on the site before but I am working on a 1/144 HGUC GP03. I bought the model during last years Black Friday and was planning to emulate NGT’s GP03 found here.

The original idea was that I would take my time with the build and slowly purchase metal after market parts to improve it as best as I can. But then this year’s Summer War Contest was announced and I had no models I wanted to use for the modified section, so I settled on the GP03. The problem comes from the fact that there is a deadline now attached to this “slow build” and that my last big build was my longest and almost my most expensive build. This has resulted in making me hesitate in purchasing extra after market parts as well as changing aspects of my original design. Continue reading