MG Hyaku Shiki


It took me sometime to get the exposure right for these pictures as the metallic finish really through me off, but eventually I did and the final result was okay.

Like I mentioned in the Hyaku Shiki WIP I had an issue with the decals, being which that they fell apart easily and the worst part was that they were official BANDAI decals. It’s unbelievable to me that in order to use the decals I eventually had to give the decal sheet itself multiple clear coats.


Bling Bling


When the new Zeta movies came out a few years ago I started to appreciate a few mobile suits I had previously blown off namely the Hyaku Shiki. After watching the triology I wanted to own a Hyaku Shiki and I managed to do just that when I built the HGUC Hyaku Shiki, and modeled a MG Char Zaku II after it.

I was fine with just those two for sometime but after looking at various collection display pictures I noticed that the original plated MG Hyaku Shiki always stands out no matter where it is or how many other kits surround it. So I got tired of waiting for the fabled Hyaku Shiki 2.0 which looks like it may never come to fruition and decided to look into purchasing a normal MG Hyaku Shiki. Continue reading


OOB painted

I really liked this build but the one thing that frustrated me through out was the notion of modding it without being able to see the mods. The rules basically state you can mod the model for the OOB category if it’s in the service of painting it and that the mods have to be basically invisible. With a model as old as this one (came out late 1999) the seam line placement was pretty brutal in spots. The worst part was the bazooka, which was left structurally weak after modding it.



MAC competiton first entry

After month of anticipation the 6 month long MAC forums mecha contest began. Since the GP01 diorama I purchased a large assortment of gunpla during black Friday as well as managed to slowly build up my supplies again. For my first entry I went with a OOB category model. I chose the Hyaku Shiki with the Mega launcher Bazooka, hoping that the large accessory of the bazooka would give me more to work with.

I am a fan of the gold hyaku but recently I have really been taken with the Gunpla Builders white hyaku shiki. I knew though just a ordinary pre shade wouldn’t be enough so I thought adding a pattern would make the model far more detailed without having to modify it.

For those interested in how I did it here is what I have mentioned on the MAC forums:

I used cardboard as a base and masking tape to tape a side of a strip of mesh to it. Blu tack was on the other side of the mesh strip and attached it to the alligator clip holding a piece (It was blu tack because using masking tape on both sides just wasn’t strong enough to grip the mesh well, also it made it easy to go from piece to piece like this). I sprayed then removed the tack and mesh and start blending the pattern in.

Since I use lacquer paints they dry fast so the mesh is reusable quickly after every use, but keep in mind that the paint is drying on the mesh every time so the mesh will eventually get clogged and the pattern will look different.

The hardest part of all this is to have the mesh not move about, since you are blowing air at it.
are some examples of other mesh pattern styles.

I’m sure there must be a better way than doing all that but if you want to get the pattern to look sharp it has to be completely still and steady (can’t be just held up to the piece), also unless you want overspray you can’t have the mesh directly touching the piece (sticking it directly to the piece).


Zaku Shiki

The finish came out nice and I would say except for the 00 Raiser this is the best paint job I ever did, and it would have turned out even better if it wasn’t for just one incident.

The incident being that I ran out of clear yellow paint. Like I mentioned before this was for a contest and I managed to run out of paint just before the context deadline was approaching. I don’t have anywhere local I can get Mr.Hobby goods so I had to order it online but the order took much longer that I was used to from the place I normally get paint. so I panicked and bought some Tamiya clear yellow acrylic. Funnily enough the Mr. Color paint arrived just before the contest deadline but after I already used the acrylic.

Basically every part of the gold that looks darker than the rest is the acrylic. The worst thing is after the contest the judges were giving feedback on the entries and the main reason I lost was because of the different shades of gold.