My final commission surprisingly wasn’t gunpla but instead was a kit from a new line of heavily stylized Transformers models. The build quality was okay but I think I have been spoiled by Bandai. The color separation was serviceable with a few large stickers. My biggest issue however was how strange this kit looks in any other pose than the one it was advertised in. Standing in the dynamic pose its shown in all the promo images it looks great but if you try something else it become super gappy and akward. No shading for the one just panel lining and sticker application.


HG Lightning Gundam

At this point I was wrapping up the commissions and wasn’t interested in any big builds so I was only accepting OOB builds with only slight paint applications. The first was the Lightning Gundam and paint wise I only shaded the gray parts with a bit of clear smoke.


MG Heavyarms Custom [SN]

Since doing the resin conversion I have only accepted a few smaller commissions one being a OOB Supernova Heavyarms Custom. This was my first time with a Super Nova kit (as well as their last kit before they rebranded themselves as Model Heart) and to my surprise this was by far the best quality third-party kit I have ever built. Everything fit really well and I had basically nothing to trim or modify for pieces to smoothly come together. Since this was a OOB and not a full paint job there was no snapfit so I can’t be 100 percent sure how the kit would have held up to a break down since some pieces went together fairly tight. The client wanted the frame and weapons to be shaded with smoke but besides that everything shown is what was included.

This was a very good first impression and definitely made me consider getting some of their future kits for myself.


Perfect Strike

The 2nd commissioned overloaded Strike I recently mentioned is the Dragon Momoko Perfect Strike.

For this I actually received various Dragon Momoko Striker packs and like with most third-party kits the packaging was all over the place from great to poor and when it’s poor it usually means you will be lacking some non plastic extras. The result was not having enough specific decals as well as half of the decal placement instructions missing.

The client wanted this to be a OOB build but he wanted the inner frame to be shaded with smoke. One thing that I found kind of strange was just how much color separation there was in the promo images that just weren’t there in the kit especially with the sword.

Like with most Dragon Momoko kits the build was fairly smooth except for a surprising tightness with the sword making its modular design where it can change to 4 different forms (if you buy 2 of them) unreasonably difficult. Also DM’s bootleg 3.0 hands were really bad this time around, with fingers constant popping out with any type of movement.

If you are interested I would suggest picking one up while you can since this kit can’t be produced anymore.