RG Exia Repair


I haven’t done a weathered kit in a while so squeezing this guy in between a bunch of other builds really was a nice breather. As shown there isn’t much you can do with this kit because of its lack of accessories but with some weathering it can stand out among the crowd.




Like most of the western Gunpla community I tend to dislike P-Bandai and only buy things from it I’m will to pay a premium for which usually doesn’t include entire kits, but this time I convinced myself to go and get the recently released MG Altron/Nataku Gundam. While it definitely wasn’t worth the amount I paid for it I finally was able to get a kit I have been waiting years for.

The RG GP01 on the other hand is the oldest kit in my backlog and considering it’s one of my favorite designs I felt it was more than due time to build it. Continue reading