Gundam Weapons: Build Fighters Try Special Edition


When Build Fighters Try was announced it became evident that unlike the original Build Fighters most of the kit designs would be either brand new or be older designs modified to such a level they might as well be new. Because of that unlike previous Build Fighter Gundam Weapons books this one focuses on OOB builds slightly modified to heighten the detail or features of mostly HG’s. Continue reading


Gundam Scratch Build Manual 2


I wondered at first if I should review this compared to the Gundam Weapons as those are books made up of numerous specific builds allowing me to easily just display some images and list each build and what makes their presentation special. Gundam Scratch Build Manual 2 on the other hand is entirely another beast. While it does feature builds they are very few in number and their WIPs which are what the book is really about are intertwined to the point of confusion. Continue reading


Gundam Weapons: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Special Edition II


The book that inspired me to try reviewing I thought should be the first one I feature, Gundam Weapons: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Special Edition II End of World. This 00 based Gundam Weapons mostly focuses on the first half of the second season. Like other Gundam Weapons some of the builds are from various issues of old Hobby Japan’s but from what I gather many are new. Continue reading


A question to everyone


For a while now I wanted to pick up the second Gundam 00 Gundam Weapons and once I saw a few scans of the new Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby with their Hi Nu ver Ka builds I thought this was the chance to get all three. While the monthly magazines impressed with their Hi Nu’s and even a Nightingale what disappointed me was the Gundam Weapons and that’s what brings me to the titular question of this post, should I do a review of a Gundam Weapons or any other big gunpla book whenever I get one?

There are a few full scans out there on the internet but for the most part that has dried up to the extent that a new one hasn’t been released in over a year. Now I am not talking about scanning the entire book or anything but instead similar to the way rokkustudio reviews various Gundam Wing related gunpla books giving others an overview on what the book covers with some scans here and there.

There is really a lack of information for non-Japanese reading gunpla fans out on the web when it comes to what to expect in these big and expensive books. For example when it came to this Gundam 00 Gundam Weapons I expected it to be filled with various builds of the main 4 second season suits from the show and while it starts off like that about half of the book is dedicated to antagonist grunt suits and such. Even with the Char’s Counter Attack Gundam Weapons I bought not to long ago I was basically buying it blind with no knowledge of any of the builds inside.

Considering how much rokkustudio’s reviews helped me decide if and which specific Gundam Wing Gundam Weapons I wanted to buy I thought doing this might help someone else.