MG Sinanju OVA ver.


After months I have finally finished the Sinanju OVA version, and boy am I happy to be done with this one. This build has been quite the roller coaster with ups and downs at every turn, but like with every good build in the end I learned quite a bit. Like many others have said I agree that this model is a must build just for all it’s engineering and accessories, but I would be lying if I said this build was fun (at least for me). I will say though this has made me consider getting a Sinanju Stein even though I had no intention of getting one prior.


Sinanju for sale

I am finally selling that 2nd Sinanju OVA version I mentioned in previous posts. If your interested you can find it on Ebay here:

If you want a little discount we can also just skip ebay and go directly through paypal, since I wouldn’t have to pay for Ebay’s selling fees.

Outside of Ebay I am selling it for $70 not including shipping (check the ebay listing or for the shipping cost), and if you’re in the New York City area you can just pick it up and forget the shipping costs all together.

FYI: The Ebay sale is only for the US but outside of that I am willing to sell worldwide.

UPDATE: managed to sell it


Breaks and Fixes


The MG Sinanju is a pretty advanced model even considering it came out in 2008 and with the new OVA version BANDAI seemed to want to improve on some of its faults. The kit has no polycaps which with its size and weight can be a bit hard on the joints so with the OVA version they turned the ABS frame into PS giving it increased bend and give. Primarily the biggest problems was in the torso joint where the original version Ka was infamous for breaking. Well I am disappointed to say that even with the new frame I had to deal with a bunch of the same problems. Continue reading