Prizes and deals


The prizes from the HLJ Playing with Plamo contest came, which were a Sazabi Ver. Ka and 2 action bases. Initially I wanted a few other kits but with the stock at HLJ this month being so bare I decided on the Sazabi which I was planning on getting eventually anyway. It is a bit strange to have the Sazabi when I don’t even have the Nu Ver. Ka yet but I can’t complain.


The other kits I got recently were from Amazon deals. The RG Strike Freedom was a kit I wanted since it was announced. I recently began to grow an appreciation for the design and didn’t want to invest in the PG or an older MG. Luckily it went on sale and I was able to get it for prices that were about equal to the best Black Friday gunpla sale prices but with free Amazon Prime shipping.

The Sinanju Stein was even better as I got it for only 53 dollars off Amazon. It was being sold as “used” but the thing is that “used” to Amazon just means it was opened at some point. All of the runners are bagged, nothing is missing, and not even the box is damaged. The only thing is that some clear tape that was holding the boxes together was cut and replaced with another set of clear tape, something that simple cut the price by 40%. So make sure to look out for used gunpla on Amazon cause I know I will.