Customizing Converge


I snap built a Gundam Wing Proto a couple of weeks ago but since the commission I did of it last year turned out so well I feel with my own personal one I have to do more. So while that is on the back burner I still continue to be in a figure customizing mood, and this time in a somewhat different way. Continue reading


Something a little different

It’s pretty obvious but I was really burnt out after the commissions, that combined with the end of Gundam Build Fighter Try (which was a constant motivation to do new kits) I decided to for a short time to try something a little different… some figure customizing.

I started collecting Gundam converge, and while searching for them at comic books stores I felt drawn back to marvel legends figures. Specifically customizing them since most aren’t really up to snuff compared with more expensive Japanese imports.

My knowledge of model customizing as well as all my tools really helped but there are a few differences especially in how to handle joints that slipped me up enough that I think once I am done with these I will be heading back to Gunpla without looking back.

For the most part these are repaints with some scribing, putty work, joint altering, a little part swapping, and some extra effect parts.