For the clients


For the next few commissions I wanted to complete them in a similar time frame since they belong to multiple clients. When you do that it makes each build take longer so a bit of anxiousness might have accumulated because I wasn’t posting them up here. So now that I have something to show for all 3 of them it’s time to post an update. Continue reading


HLJ scifi competition

Unfortunately I don’t have a work in progress images for the next build the MG Wing Zero Custom because it was a entry for the HLJ scifi contest. I  realized during this build just how important WIP’s are if for anything just to help motivate you to keep moving forward. It really disappoints me to hear that even for next year’s competition they will use the same rule again. I know I could have just taken the WIP shots and posted them later but unless your really doing something you can utilize as a tutorial of some sort it kind of looses the point.

Anyway with this model I went with a more wing ka color scheme. I also removed all the rubber feathers (never knew they were rubber even though I have wanted this model for years), and not only replaced them but added much more using normal and clear pla.