MG Zeta Plus A


For the most part everything turned out well with the Zeta Plus with only one slight error that in my opinion was for the better (the mount for the beam rifle was upside down). I did also notice that while posing it that even though the articulation of the elbows and knees are great the legs, neck, and shoulders were pretty limited.

I have to say though this kit is my favorite kit of the year already even among the kits I have started and not posted yet.


An oldie but a goodie


After watching the Zeta movies a year or two ago I started to really appreciate the designs in Zeta, including the Zeta itself. But combing through Dalong’s site at past Master Grades I came upon a Zeta that I felt looked better than the original, that being the Zeta Plus A. Seeing as how this is a 2001 kit, doesn’t come from a Gundam anime, and came out before the 2.0 Zeta its understandable how most people ignore it but as I built it I found out that the build itself might be better than the original. Continue reading